Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I teach a monthly papercraft class at a nearby Assisted Living facility.  The usual attendance is anywhere from 5 to 10 ladies of varying ages and capabilities.  Mostly we make cards, but sometimes I will do a different project with them.  I usually don't use patterned CTMH paper but rely heavily on our stamps and cardstock.  In September we made a 'friend' card and two Christmas cards.  Here are pictures of our September cards.

The ladies liked the bright green color.  It matched CTMH Pear so it was easy to be matchy-matchy.  The flower and flowing banner are from the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge.

This card uses one of CTMH's new M size stamps.  The belt buckle is an Art Philosophy cut.

I CASE's this card from one that used Washi tape for the branches, but I substituted a thinner strip of patterned paper.  It was non-CTMH and was very thin and easy for my ladies to tear.  The gold starburst for the top of the tree is yet another CTMH Art Philosophy cut.

I am so pleased with my ladies.  Even though I do all the more difficult parts of whatever project I pick, they can still manage to make it their own.  In a few days I will post October's projects so stay tuned.

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