Sunday, July 5, 2009

Photo calendar

Last Christmas, my good friend Laurel gifted me with a BasicGrey calendar kit. It has a 9x9 layout for each month. I slacked off a bit in June, finishing that page with about one week left in the month but otherwise I have been pretty good about completing each page. I am now up through August.
January is DGD Courtney with her missing teeth. She lost a bunch of them at the same time!
February had to provide equal time for DGS Kyle. He was doing swim team at the time.
March was perfect for the good picture of DD and DGS's pair of Eclectus parrots.
April was the new French bulldog puppy. She is sooo much bigger now, a real chunk!
May was the new DGD. The caption which you can't read says "The newest flower in our garden"
June is a picture of my father. We almost lost him last fall to cancer but he is doing ok now, as ornery as ever.
July is from last year's fireworks.
August is also from last year.
I have been very pleased with how these pages have turned out. When the year is up, they will be turned into pages for a 9x9 album. Hopefully I will be able to buy a new kit for 2010 and start over.


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