Monday, September 12, 2011


I certainly have not been very timely in posting photos of Christi and the kids and my visit to Disneyland. We had lots of fun, saw lots of different characters and rode lots of rides.

We had four different character meals. This one at Paradise Pier was our least favorite because of poor service. But Mickey is Mickey, and is the one character you absolutely need to get your photo with! (This is Minnie, but it's one of the better pictures on this memory card. Probably because one of the professional photo takers took it!)

Here the kids are with their 3-D glasses. Christi had to take Courtney out of the Bug's Life presentation. She got scared when the mean grasshopper Hopper seemed to jump out right in your face. Christi would have freaked out a few minutes later when the spiders seemed to drop from the ceiling anyway. She doesn't like spiders to say the least. Anyway, we were so proud of Courtney for having grown out of her fear of people in costumes that cover their faces. And being brave enough to try all the rides. Courtney's favorite part of Disneyland was probably the Princess meal where we were the first table all the princess's came to or the mac and cheese at the ESPN restaurant.

We didn't get to Pixie Hollow in the morning when the fairies were there but we did go our last evening. I don't know how many days it would take to see it all but way more than we had!

This is one of my favorite pictures - Max and Kyle back to back in the same pose. This was from our last morning at Disneyland. Kyle was upset that we didn't get to go on the Indiana Jones ride but as I said, there just wasn't enough time to do it all. He and I went on the Tower of Terror and he really liked that. That ride makes you appreciate seat belts when it drops you so fast you float up off your seats. Interesting when your purse ends up in front of your face! (Too bad it wasn't there when they took our picture!) His favorite part was getting to be one of 6 to compete in the Tron video game at Flynn's.