Sunday, August 30, 2009

Class layout

I finally finalized the layout I want to present to my customers in the next few weeks. It took me a while to find just the right photo to show off this LO. This is DGD Courtney 2 years ago at my niece's wedding. She made the most adorable flower girl and I think this picture, with the full length mirror showing the back of her turned out adorably. I think this would be a great design for an Easter picture, also.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Long past time to update

I can't believe that it has been so long since I updated my blog. Bad me! Since the last update my DGS Kyle and I have visited with my sister in Little Rock and school has started again (It is rather nice to have the house quiet for several hours a day.) Kyle and I had a great time at my sister's. We spent some of each day swimming in her pool and some touring the area. One of the exciting things for Kyle was taking the tour of the USS Razorback, a submarine purchased by the town of North Little Rock. It served in the US Navy from 1944 to 1952, was recommissioned in 1954 and served until 1970, then sold to Turkey, where it served until 2002. Let me tell you it is close quarters inside that "sewer pipe" as my DH calls them and no fun to fit this robust body down the hatch and then up again. But I made it without getting stuck to the surprise of my DH.

Another really cheap thing we did was to ride the trolley. It only cost $1 each for the round trip and we saw the Clinton Library among other sites, and rode across the Arkansas River to North Little Rock. There was running commentary the whole way and it was really SO worth the money - and it was air conditioned! This is a picture of my sister and Kyle.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Walk with the Dinosaurs

DD, the grandkids and I are back from a trip to visit my sister in Denver. While we were there, we went to the Walk with the Dinosaurs arena production. Wow, this show is fantastic. Tickets were rather pricey but well worth it. The only drawback was that we had been warned, despite the web site proclaiming amateur photography was allowed, that they were confiscating all cameras. So we left ours in the car and used our cell phones. (It turns out the warning was incorrect and we would have been able to take ours in. Bummer!) Needless to say, the resultant picture quality is B-A-A-A-D! There were some aaaah-dorable moments in the show and some laughter but mostly just an awesome time. Even though DGD Courtney protested that she didn't want to go, she quickly changed her mind and at the end she proclaimed it great!

We also went to the Celestial Seasonings tea factory in Boulder. It is a very nice (free) tour. The tour tickets were actually a tea packet. Ours were for True Bluberry Herbal tea which I think I will make up into iced tea since it is really too hot for hot tea. The gift shop had tons of different varieties of teas, tins, china, and other tea-related items. The gift shop is a MUST for a return trip, especially when I can figure out just which kind of green tea DH would like.

Another stop was the free tour at the Hammond Candy Factory. I didn't go with DD and the kids on this one but I will catch it at another time. The kids had fun and came home with some delectable sweets, including a pear candy cane for me and ribbon candy for their great-grandfather. I delivered that last night and he was very happy to get it. Ribbon candy is his favorite and is not easily found.
The last tour, another free one, was to the Littleton Historical Museum, which we combined with a picnic lunch. The museum includes two reproduction farms, one from 1860 and another from 1890. This barn is from the 1890 farm and DD declared it is THE barn she wants if she ever gets an acreage. DGD was certain that the cow that you can see inside the fence just to the right of the barn door was a horse! We saw cows, pigs, donkeys, sheep, chickens, turkeys, but NO horses. The smell of the hay inside the barn brought back very wonderful memories of the barn at my grandparents farm in South Dakota, which was established in 1840, according to my Dad.
Well, I can't wait to scrap this trip. The dinosaur pictures will be a challenge, I hope that DD's cell phone took better ones.