Sunday, November 27, 2011


Guess the blog fairy fixed my pics while I was sleeping, Enjoy.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Little lost kitty

Sorry about the photos being cut off, I can't get them to resize, Click on the ones that are cut off and it sgould take you to my photobucket album.

On Saturday, October 29, my DH noticed that a feral cat had a new batch of kittens under our woodpile. By Sunday morning, she had moved all but the littlest one to a new location. By Sunday afternoon this poor little newborn - still had the umbilical cord attached - was crawling around in the garden, meowing for its momma who was nowhere around. Mean old momma cat!
It was only 60 degrees that afternoon and this little one was cold and hungry so I sent Bill to the pet store for a can of kitten milk and set out to care for this little baby. It has been a tiring, wonderful adventure with short nights and lots of time being one handed on the computer and one hand around a little kitty. We are now past the 4 week mark, still worrying about feeding enough, peeing enough and pooping!
My little kitty's head is showing in front of the black one.

It's a gigantic hand or an itty-bitty kitten!

Heat source, just got it out of the kitten's box a few days ago. Kept the little thing nice and cozy warm.
Growing, eyes still closed. They opened Nov 7th.
This is one of my favorite pictures.
Bright eyed and fluffy!
What can I say! Cute picture.
Courtney and the kitten. I like the matching curve to their foreheads and noses.
Kyle (you have to trust me, it is him) and the kitty 'high fiving'!
Gotto go, I am being meowed at!

Monday, September 12, 2011


I certainly have not been very timely in posting photos of Christi and the kids and my visit to Disneyland. We had lots of fun, saw lots of different characters and rode lots of rides.

We had four different character meals. This one at Paradise Pier was our least favorite because of poor service. But Mickey is Mickey, and is the one character you absolutely need to get your photo with! (This is Minnie, but it's one of the better pictures on this memory card. Probably because one of the professional photo takers took it!)

Here the kids are with their 3-D glasses. Christi had to take Courtney out of the Bug's Life presentation. She got scared when the mean grasshopper Hopper seemed to jump out right in your face. Christi would have freaked out a few minutes later when the spiders seemed to drop from the ceiling anyway. She doesn't like spiders to say the least. Anyway, we were so proud of Courtney for having grown out of her fear of people in costumes that cover their faces. And being brave enough to try all the rides. Courtney's favorite part of Disneyland was probably the Princess meal where we were the first table all the princess's came to or the mac and cheese at the ESPN restaurant.

We didn't get to Pixie Hollow in the morning when the fairies were there but we did go our last evening. I don't know how many days it would take to see it all but way more than we had!

This is one of my favorite pictures - Max and Kyle back to back in the same pose. This was from our last morning at Disneyland. Kyle was upset that we didn't get to go on the Indiana Jones ride but as I said, there just wasn't enough time to do it all. He and I went on the Tower of Terror and he really liked that. That ride makes you appreciate seat belts when it drops you so fast you float up off your seats. Interesting when your purse ends up in front of your face! (Too bad it wasn't there when they took our picture!) His favorite part was getting to be one of 6 to compete in the Tron video game at Flynn's.

Monday, August 29, 2011

CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy

One of the most exciting things in the new Autumn/Winter Idea Book is the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge for the Cricut. The Cricut, in various models, made by Provo Craft, is a die-cutting machine. There are a LOT of different cartridges with thousands of different images to choose from available from various retailers, but there has NEVER been one like this exclusive cartridge from CTMH. On this one cartridge there are over 700 shapes for use in scrapbooking, both for backgrounds and photo mats and accents, and shapes for card making as well as envelopes, shapes that coordinate with our stamps and shapes for 3-D objects like boxes and flowers. I really cannot put into words all that is on this cartridge and can hardly even show you. But I will try to tempt you with some pictures:

Here is a one page layout with an oooold picture of me and my siblings, made using the new Sonoma paper kit. The fancy shaped mats as well as the delicate looking doily and butterflies were all cut using the Art Philosophy cartridge.

This is a Christmas card using an older paper kit. The holly leaves were cut from White Daisy cardstock, and then stamped with the holly stamp from the A Holiday stamp set (A1115.) They were mounted on the same shape, just a bit larger and this time in New England Ivy. The shape for the sentiment (also from the A Holiday set) and its pretty red frame are included on the Art Philosophy cartridge.

This cute box (shown here in a miniature version) is made with the Elemental paper kit and is also one of your many box choices on this cartridge. It's petal shaped flaps fold together to seal the box, the 'buttons' and twine are merely decorative. I am pretty certain it can be cut large enough (on the bigger models of the Cricut) to hold a CD in its case, although I haven't tried. What a pretty way to wrap a musical gift!

My last photo shows the SIX different 3-D flowers that are included on the AP cartridge. My favorite is probably the rose or maybe the daisy or.....well, I like all of them! (The small white flowers are a purchased floral pick.)

The Art Philosophy bundle comes with 3 different stamp sets, and 3 different sheets of chipboard shapes (you can see 2 of those on the pennant in the photo with the little box.) But there are many stamps sets scattered throughout the new Idea Book that coordinate with various images from the cartridge. The price for the bundle is $99 but until the end of September, when you purchase it, you will get the Pair-a-phrase stamp set for free (except for shipping and tax.) This is actually TWO D-size stamp sets in one envelope and contains a dozen images and their associated 2 part sentiments that are perfect for card making or calendar toppers. If I am counting them correctly, there are a total of 38 stamps in this free set!

You may use the shopping link on the right side of my blog to order the Cricut Bundle and your free set, or you may contact me to obtain your copy of the new Idea Book and let me order it for you. For a few more days (until August 31), when you add the August Stamp of the Month to your AP bundle (or any $50 order) you will also receive an alphabet stamp set - A Typeset - for free (again you do have to pay shipping and tax, sorry.)

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's August first and that means a new Idea Book. There are so many new products and new programs and I tend to be long-winded about all of it. But the biggest news is that CTMH has a new Cricut cartridge. It features over 700 images. It is sold in a bundle with 3 D-sized stamp sets and 3 sheets of chipboard embellishments that all work together to save you so much time in trimming stamped images to size and creating things like doilies, boxes, tags, and 3-D flowers. I will be posting photos of many of the things found on this cartridge in days to come.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

TJ - June pics

Someone, who shall remain nameless, has been feeding TJ from the table. It didn't take him long to learn that when WE sat down to eat, he should be eating, too.

An ice cube is cheap entertainment for a puppy on a hot day! It is so funny to watch him try to get an ice cube out of his water bowl, He splashes and splashes and gets thoroughly wet!

His back legs have really gotten longer in the last month. He has also lost several puppy teeth.

Courtney's job this summer has been to get TJ used to being on the leash. They both really enjoy the outdoors.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kids Bowl Free June 6

One of my Facebook friends posted about a great program called Kids Bowl for Free. I found out this program was available in our location so I signed the grandkids up for free and added myself, DH and DD in for the family plan. I got to take both kids last week but forgot my camera and couldn't find my cell phone (it was hiding in the bottom of my purse.) So when I took DGS this week I made double sure to take the camera and forgot the tickets! After a quick double back to get the tickets, Kyle and I had a good time bowling. My form was horrid, but I didn't fall down and did manage to get some pins to. Kyle beat me the first game but then he lost his mojo and I came out ahead on the second game. Kyle had 2 strikes and I sort of had 1 - it was on the 2nd ball of the frame but the first ball was a gutterball. One of the bad things about bowling pictures is that you see a lot of rear ends and no faces! Bill took Kyle today - he actually KNOWS how to bowl and was able to help Kyle. Since Bill owns bowling shoes and I bought a pair for Kyle figuring he will get our money's worth back, their hour at the bowling lane was absolutely free! (I am not going to acknowledge the cost of Kyle's shoes and the cost of the family plan. That money is already spent!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sitting Pretty

SOMEONE is complaining that I haven't updated my blog - you know who you are! So here is a single page layout that I did last month with the rather difficult to use May Stamp of the Month from CTMH. I am not sad to see the month and this stamp set gone, but I did manage to scrap this photo from LONG ago using one of the chair stamps from this set and a B&T paper from the Lucky collection. This is my daughter from winter 1977. After I took this photo, I realized that I had the 'r' upside down. I have since corrected that but am too lazy to take a new photo!

Friday, April 29, 2011

New camera - puppy pictures

Got an awesome new camera to take to Disneyland this summer for the CTMH convention and a bit of a vacation. I have been trying it out today following our puppy around and I just LOVE the pictures. This is our TJ, son of our DD's French bulldog, Ivory. Isn't he the cutest? He was so little and has grown so much.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have Great Grandpups!

My daughter's French bulldog Ivory had her puppies today. Five beautiful little dark puppies (one more than we expected!) Ivory seems to be a good Mommy dog licking all her babies and growling at Christi's other dog Haley.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

There is a challenge going on at to share our organization hints and I thought I would share 2 items I have found very useful.

The first is my rolling file cart, bought at Office Depot. It will hold either letter or legal size hanging files . I use legal sized hanging file folders to file all my CTMH cardstock in alphabetical order with the exception of putting White Daisy and Colonial White at the front. I have 3 of these files for the 60 current colors (61 if you count the new Kraft colored cardstock that will be available for purchase Feb 1st) and a few retired colors as well. Plus the box is heavy duty with a locking type of top with a handle. It comes in handy for transporting stuff when I vendor at crops.

The second item is a little wire rack I found at Walmart in the bathroom section. It is just the right size to hold 20 CTMH re-inker bottles on each shelf. Since I don't currently have enough to fill it, I use the top shelf to hold the recently retired ink pads and a cup organizer. It looks white in the photo (I don't have that great a camera) but is really metallic.