Monday, November 16, 2009

I have a Close to My Heart website now

I finally spent a few minutes at the computer signing up for a MyCTMH website. It will take me a while to get my site all set up with artwork and My Story, but you can use it immediately to order from, using your own credit card and having your order shipped directly to you. I can be found at Thanks for visiting.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A few weeks ago, I was able to accompany my granddaughter's First grade class on a field trip to Vala's Pumpkin Patch, a well-known local attraction. The teachers paired up a few children with an adult and set us all loose. I had my granddaughter and one of her classmates. Their favorite part was the pumpkin smashing dragon. We got to go out to the field on a hayrack ride so the children could pick their own pumpkin, ride a train, and other fun activities. The only bad part was that it had been raining for several days and was gray and misty that day so it was quite muddy. I felt so sorry for the people that had to clean the buses and for the school janitor that had to deal with the muddy footprints as the children returned to school - but I was thankful I didn't have my granddaughter kicking the back of my car seat on the way home!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Constant Campaign - Stampaganza

From now until the end of the month when you purchase 2 stamps sets, you will receive one stamp set for free! (Well, you do have to pay shipping - but no tax on the free set!) The free set will be of equal value to the least expensive set you purchase. Clear as mud? Let me start by explaining the different sizes of stamp sets.

There are 5 sizes of stamp sets - A,B,C,D, and E.

E - are mounted on an 8.5 x 11 inch plastic sheet and come in a plastic envelope that is 3-hole punched for storing in a 3-ring binder. At this time, these are the larger alphabets. Posterboard (E1014) is our newest set and is wonderful for titles. Price is $34.95

All other sizes come packaged in a 6x6 inch heavy plastic snap-closed envelope.

D - This is the most common size set. The acrylic stamps come mounted on a 6x6 inch plastic sheet and can contain larger stamps or multiple smaller stamps. The smaller alphabets are in this size as well as the stamps of the month (SOTM). The price for this size is $22.95 (But remember the SOTM can be obtained at a price reduction or for free, depending on the total amount of your order.) November's SOTM D1377 Around the Block is a 'put the parts together to build your own house' set with 26 stamps.

C - These stamps come mounted on a 4x6 inch sheet of plastic. That does not necessarily mean that there are fewer stamps. Neighborhood (C1384) has 20 different stamps, including 3 houses, a car, bicycle, tree, bush, lamp post, a teeny present, flowers and family member silhouettes as well as 3 different sentiments. C - sized sets are $18.95

B - These come on a 4x4 inch plastic. One that I have is B1311 Summer Sweetness with 9 stamps that make slices of watermelon or citrus fruit. The price for this size is $13.95

A - The smallest of our stamp sets fit on a 3x3 inch sheet. There are not many of these sets but one I love is A1099 Angel Sent. This set has 4 different little angels and the 2 part sentiment "Angels sent from above....please protect the ones we love" Another A size set is A1095 Always Remember with a remembrance ribbon and 4 sentiments including God Bless the USA that are curved to match the ribbon, plus 3 more small stamps of a heart, single star, and a 3 star cluster. The price for this size is $10.95

So, if you purchase 2 D-sized stamps sets during Stampaganza, you will get your choice of another D-sized set. If you order one D and one C-size set, you will get your choice of another C-sized set. Regardless of your purchase, E-sized sets are not available for your free choice, nor are the SOTMs.

So pore over that Idea Book, pick your fav sets and give me a call to place your order!

Hope to See You There

Did we have fun at the Our Lady of Lourdes crop? Somebody's love of stamping came back with a vengence! Good thing Close to My Heart's inks are easily washed off!
This is the Christmas tag that I will be teaching at the monthly Our Lady of Lourdes crop on Nov 21st. I will also be teaching a Christmas ornament and probably one or two more projects.
There will be no charge for at least 2 projects and minimal charge for any others, and no charge at all if you place an paid order at the crop or purchase something from my 'Cash and Carry' basket. Hope to see you there. Call Tricia at (402)-341-1490 to register for this all day crop. Cost is just $15 and includes two meals -- and lots of fun.