Friday, September 21, 2012

Yes, yes, I know it has been forever but life has certainly got in the way.  My father passed away the end of June and taking care of all the aspects of that has been very time and energy consuming.  He is shown here in the 2nd picture down on the left sided column with baby Teddy.  I have managed to keep up with my Close to My Heart business and will be attending a Regional Convention in St. Louis next weekend.  As part of that, we were given a Studio J assignment to do 5 two-page layouts.  Now I would much rather do conventional scrapbooking but I have this habit of doing what I am expected to do (but maybe not until the last possible minute), so I hunted up some pictures that would work.  For one of the layouts I chose to do a composite of Teddy pic's.  Since you get a jpg for each of the layouts you purchase, I can share this layout using a new Studio J exclusive paper kit.  You can't buy this paper anywhere else but in Studio J and it is so cute with all the pets on it.  Studio J has really improved, making it even easier to use and personalize.  The big picture on the left page is now my screen saver, I didn't realize it was so cute!  The top picture on the right page is the latest one of my little rescued baby.  I can see that waiting until the last minute for this project has its downfalls.  I forgot to send the mat for my journaling to the background so all you see is the big cranberry block.  And while it is very cute, I didn't intend to use that big picture twice.  No harm, I can redo my journaling and mount it on the finished layout and if I really want to, I can put a different picture on top of the duplicated one.  If I had done my assignment earlier, I might have caught these booboos but they are easily fixable, just like with conventional scrapbooking.  It doesn't cost anything to try it for yourself.  Just go to, download some pictures and play.