Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More per your request.

Here is the Teddy Bear that I talked about in my other post.

This is my Marquior Sampler.  It is a free pattern that was offered on-line in parts, except that I am changing motifs to fit MY life.

This is another festival class on making buttons.  Once you have made the different buttons, you put them on the stitched piece.  Obviously, I have two buttons left to make.

Colorado Roll and Pinkeep.  All stitched, just needs to be finished.  2006

Patchwork Merklap.  I purchased several designs by a Dutch gentleman, Jan Houtman, who has since passed away.  This is all done over 1 and is not yet 1/4 done.

This is a Shepherd's Bush needleroll.  Must be done or almost done stitching.

This is an over one from a kit purchased at one of the festivals. Maureen Appleton design, over 1.

 Last of the Christmas ornaments from an early bird round robin class at one of the festivals in Des Moines. Early one, so probably SOXS (Spirit of Cross Stitch) in the mid nineties.  It is done on silk gauze.

There are more but these are enough for now.  Hope this satisfies you [2muchXS] gals!

Per request

I haven't posted much lately, and it has been a looooong time since I posted anything about my cross-stitch.  I really have to make myself stitch, although I love it, because I try to spend my creative time playing with paper.  But the activity on one of the cross stitch groups I belong to has picked up lately and they have requested that I post pictures of my work-in-progress stitching projects.  And I think they will be sorry they asked.  I took these pictures a couple of months ago, since then I have actually completed one project so got to delete the photo.

 This is a reproduction sampler Hannah Prescott.  I actually have a bit more done since the photo was taken.

 This is a jeweled sampler garden from Liz Turner Diehl.  I can't put my hands on it at the moment so I can't tell you the correct title.

 This is the Berlin Woolwork sampler.  It was published in 9 parts and I am completing part 3.

 This is a mystery sampler that was obtained through the Sampler Guild of the Rockies.  At the moment, it is dead in the water due to me having to make a color choice, I think.

This is MLI's Angel of Healing.

These are the supplies for a tray mat.  I think I have the linen set aside, too.  This was a SGR project.

 This is A Victorian Fantasy by Vintage Designs.  This was a class that I took at the 1999 Creative Arts and Textiles Show back when counted Cross stitch was just starting to decline in popularity.  I have worked more on this.

This fun project is a sampler turtle that finishes up into a  3D design.  I can't put my fingers on any of the patterns to tell you who the designer is, but there is also a teddy bear.  Two more classes that I took at cross-stitch festsivals. 

I think this one is called Winter Garden Gate by Moss Creek Designs, Rae Iverson.  I'm pretty sure this was another festival class.  I also have the Summer Garden Gate kit but haven't started that and the date on that one is 1998.

This is the beginning of the huswife from Sampler and Antique Needlework, vol 2.  Again, I can't put my fingers on the book, but it is somewhere in my stitching room.  Hey, I had to move the ENTIRE room downstairs and then back upstairs in the last 10 years, so I am never quite sure where things are.  But I know it is somewhere and if I want to work on this sometime, I will just have to look

This is Bands of Many Colors by Eileen Bennett.  It is so close to finishing that it is a shame not to get it done.

This project was another class.  More needlepoint than cross-stitch.  When done, it finished up into a wooden spool which is really quite neat.  I really intended to substitute a sampler for this, so probably will never finish this one.

This as the outside of what finishes up to be a needlebook.  Designed by the same gal that did the turtle and teddy bear.  It is done in a bargello-type pattern with lots of bugle beads.

Oh, yes.  This is a Thomas Kinkaid.  It still needs lots and lots of french knots.  It was supposed to be a wedding present for one of my sibling's kids -- who now has teenagers.

This is as far as I have finished the Strawberry Basket band.  I have the very nice woven oak basket that the whole liner fits into.

And here is Rocky Mountain Christmas that I am currently working on.

This is the Mary Smithies reproduction sampler from R&R Reproductions.  This was a class from 2001 at Liberty Gathering in Liberty, Missouri.  (That was a fun festival with all sorts of crafts - I took cross-stitch, quilting, even painting classes - taught by the husband of Chessie & Me cross-stitch designer.)  It is a Mormon sampler stitched by Mary while traveling to Utah.  I have quite a bit more done on this than shown.  It always causes comments when I take it to Saturday Stitch when I go as there as every tenth linen thread has to be removed and replaced with a blue linen thread to simulate the learning linen that was used at that time.

This is Stitch Little Darling Sewing Basket by Merry Cox.  I have about 1 1/2 sides of 4 done, then have the bottom inside of the basket to stitch before I can finish the thing, so still lots of work.

I think this is all I can put in one post but believe me, these are not all my UFO's!