Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kids Bowl Free June 6

One of my Facebook friends posted about a great program called Kids Bowl for Free. I found out this program was available in our location so I signed the grandkids up for free and added myself, DH and DD in for the family plan. I got to take both kids last week but forgot my camera and couldn't find my cell phone (it was hiding in the bottom of my purse.) So when I took DGS this week I made double sure to take the camera and forgot the tickets! After a quick double back to get the tickets, Kyle and I had a good time bowling. My form was horrid, but I didn't fall down and did manage to get some pins to. Kyle beat me the first game but then he lost his mojo and I came out ahead on the second game. Kyle had 2 strikes and I sort of had 1 - it was on the 2nd ball of the frame but the first ball was a gutterball. One of the bad things about bowling pictures is that you see a lot of rear ends and no faces! Bill took Kyle today - he actually KNOWS how to bowl and was able to help Kyle. Since Bill owns bowling shoes and I bought a pair for Kyle figuring he will get our money's worth back, their hour at the bowling lane was absolutely free! (I am not going to acknowledge the cost of Kyle's shoes and the cost of the family plan. That money is already spent!)

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