Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More per your request.

Here is the Teddy Bear that I talked about in my other post.

This is my Marquior Sampler.  It is a free pattern that was offered on-line in parts, except that I am changing motifs to fit MY life.

This is another festival class on making buttons.  Once you have made the different buttons, you put them on the stitched piece.  Obviously, I have two buttons left to make.

Colorado Roll and Pinkeep.  All stitched, just needs to be finished.  2006

Patchwork Merklap.  I purchased several designs by a Dutch gentleman, Jan Houtman, who has since passed away.  This is all done over 1 and is not yet 1/4 done.

This is a Shepherd's Bush needleroll.  Must be done or almost done stitching.

This is an over one from a kit purchased at one of the festivals. Maureen Appleton design, over 1.

 Last of the Christmas ornaments from an early bird round robin class at one of the festivals in Des Moines. Early one, so probably SOXS (Spirit of Cross Stitch) in the mid nineties.  It is done on silk gauze.

There are more but these are enough for now.  Hope this satisfies you [2muchXS] gals!


  1. Everything looks stunning! I especially love your Patchwork Merklap and can't wait to see more of it!

  2. Wow, what beauties you're stitching! I'm glad I found your blog - I'll be stopping by to watch these designs come to life!
    (Adorable grandchildren too!). :)