Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Cheap Investment

I decided I had better get one of my CTMH layout template books out and see about getting some scrapping done. Last summer, DD Christi, Kyle, Courtney and I visited my sister in Denver. While we were there, we visited the Butterfly Pavillion in Westminster and I had LOTS of great shots of these gorgeous creatures. I wanted to find a LO that used a lot of photos and found "Sampler - Flower" in the Reflections book (page 122). Flowers go well with butterflies so I decided to use this template. I then used my Cricut to cut out a big flower to mount the matted photos. Unfortunately there is not a companion page to this layout, and with all the photos I placed on this page, no place for any title, so I had to figure out a right hand page. I think I did a decent job. I was able to cut out the butterflies from several photos and used them for accents. For all but one, I was able to see the antenna and cut them out with the butterfly. The antennae for the big black, white, and blue butterfly just disappeared into the background of the photo, so I needed something to add for antennae. In the middle of the night, there is just not a lot of opportunity to scrounge for something black and skinny but I did see the skinny little antenna for a cheap radio I keep on my scrap desk. (I don't know why I keep it there, the reception is crummy, the CD player doesn't work very well, and the clock is an hour and a half off and I can't be bothered long enough to reset it!) Well it now has 2 1/2 inches less of antenna - it went for a good cause!! I pop-dotted the butterfly cut-outs and center photo of the flower. Incidentally, I was the only one of us that day that saw that giant black and green butterfly and I had to follow it halfway across the room to get a picture!

The other day, DD Christi and I were walking around in Target. I needed some envelopes to mail my swaps out. But Target is a rather dangerous place for my credit card. As we walked through the electronic department, a small tabletop tripod caught my eye. I have been disappointed in my photography skills, especially in posting pics here. So I let this tripod jump into my shopping cart. This evening I used it, a large piece of foam core, and the wooden easel my DH made many, many years ago for our children to display their Science Fair project boards on to mount these pages in preparation for photographing them. I am very pleased with how much that inexpensive little tripod helped.

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