Thursday, December 31, 2009

Free To a Good Home - SNOW!

This Christmas season we have received the most snow I have seen since 1975 when they brought out the heavy earth-moving equipment to get the streets open. And with the cold (!) temps, it isn't going anywhere fast. It is difficult to transmit the depth of the snow without climbing into it (and I am not going to do that) but the drift by the basement windows is about 5 foot - taller than the fence. And the snow plows have piled it up to the base of the mailbox. The path outside the basement door for the dog to get across the cement patio to the grass to do her business has about 18 inch walls of this white stuff. The streets are pretty good but dangerous because the corners are piled so high you can't see oncoming traffic. So I am content for the moment to pretty much stay put inside.

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