Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day - Remembering our Past

Here I am, back from the land of the non-functioning after 2 nights of work. I only got a few hours of sleep on Sunday because DGD's Courtney's dance recital was in the afternoon. So last night I was not fit for much of anything except for a bit of TV. But it was so worth it, Miss Courtney was so cute and did well at remembering her dance routines. But I wanted to show you some of the LO's I have done. CTMH makes it so SIMPLE. That is their motto - Faster, Simpler, Easier.

This is the first LO I made using the CTMH Emporium Level 1 collection. A Level 1 set includes 4 pre-printed cardstock base pages, 2 sheets of double sided patterned paper (called B&T), 2 sheets of cardstock, and 2 sheets of coordinated cardstock stickers (one alphabet and one decorative). In this double LO, the swirly things, the photo corners, the smaller letters, and the little dots are stickers. The big letters (W & Z) are stamped and cut out. The little dog on the first page was a hand-me-down from DD several years ago and all the others on the second page came with her when she and the DGK's came home while she goes to Vet Tech school. It is quite the menagerie around here.

This is the other 2 pre-printed base pages from the Emporium Level 1. The green border on the top of the second page is from the sticker sheet. The B's are stamped and cut out and the Journaling tags are cut from the Cricut. These pages document the journey that Courtney's Bitty Baby doll had to take after one of DD's dogs (that we sent to live with her ex) chewed off her leg. [Oh, just a quick thought, I will get to buy another Bitty Baby in a few years for my new DGD Salem. I hope that DS's dogs are better trained!]
These pages are the last of the Level 1's that are completed. This is from the Simple Pleasures set. I didn't use any of the stickers on these pages. The lettering and other figures were cut on my Cricut. These are photos from DGS Kyle's first year at YMCA Horse Camp. I took all but the little one on the second page myself with my Olympus Stylus 600. The little one was the professional photo. I like mine better. We sent both DD and DS to Horse camp and it was apparently meaningful enough to DD that she wanted to send her son, too. The little photos in the bottom corner of the first page are of DD Christi when she was at camp. They have been copied from the original Poloroid pics. What a difference a camera (and about 20 years of technology) can make.
I will post more layouts soon. Soon as I finish them, LOL. No, that is not true, I DO have more LO's done but I do have some to finish, too.


  1. Great LO's...
    you've been very busy :D

    Hugs Anja
    Be smart, make art.