Friday, June 21, 2013

Counting down the hours to Convention

Close To My Heart Convention is coming SOON.  I fly out to Disney World in Orlando, Florida on June 26th and return home on the 30th.   One of the first fellow consultants I ever met will be my flight and room companion. We can hardly wait to leave. Both to get in on the exciting times of Convention and to escape from home for a few days.  We have already been given an early peek at one of the new stamp sets (A True Thanks, featured in my June 19th post) and we've been able to see the July Stamp of the Month on our corporate website - let me just say "CHOCOLATE!"   With these enticing glimpses into the new Idea Book, I am very excited to get that new catalog into my hands.  I only have to wait until 11:00 am on the 27th and it will be mine!

CTMH has promised all of us a "ground breaking" new product line and then has left us all to wonder what it could possibly be.  In a trip to Archiver's earlier this week, I saw a new punch system by Fiskars and we do feature the Fiskar trimmer in our current product line.  Hmm, I wonder if that is what CTMH will present with exclusive punches?  I am sure whatever it is, it will be something I NEED to get.  I anticipate it will be announced during our first General Session so it will not be quite as long to wait for it as for the new Idea Book.  We are all expecting a new Cricut cartridge again this year, though how they can top the last two, I have no idea.  There should be the 2nd volume of Make It From Your Heart, our latest series of How-To books, and hopefully the rest of our past How-To books will be available in their softcover versions.  And, of course, new paper packs, and new card kits and new ribbon, and, and, and...

Close To My Heart had already been working on expanding into the Australian/New Zealand markets and has been able to step up to fill the void left by the closing of a financially failing company that abandoned their consultants.  I expect that we will hear a lot about our new "Australasia"  branch (I think I have that name correct) and hope we get to meet some of the new executives and hear their stories.

I have not started packing and still want to get one or two new outfits.  The nails have been painted (fingers and toes) and the hair has been cut.  Since CTMH is gifting us a twilight pass, I need to research which park I want to use it for.  I need to get a new memory card for my camera and I need to finish up my projects for the ladies at the assisted living home since my class is the next day after I get back.  Yikes!  Did I say convention is SOON?

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