Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stitching Time

Our local cross stitch store, Reflections Framing in Papillion (NE) holds a stitch in every Thursday night and two Saturdays a month.  These are the two projects that I am working on during these times.

The first is the Mary Smithies reproduction sampler from R&R Reproductions.  This was a teaching piece from a class that I took FOREVER ago (2001.)  It is on a piece of 25 count linen that was originally coffee dyed,  I thought the coffee would affect the life of the fabric and I don't particularly like the smell of coffee, so I washed it as soon as I got home all those many years ago.  The linen is converted to "learning fabric" by removing every 10th thread and replacing it with a blue linen thread.  Not particularly hard to do but rather tedious.  Such fabric made it easier for those little girls in the mid 1800's to keep their count accurate. This is my Saturday piece and is coming along nicely.  It is about 1/2 done.

The stitching shop holds aa annual Spring Retreat that I did not attend.  Their project was so darn cute I wanted to try to recreate it on my own.  (This is the second great retreat project I have seen, and it really makes me want to put next year's retreat on my priority list!)  First I needed to find a project that would end up being about 4 square inches.  I spent a couple of hours searching through my stash and, oh my, I rediscovered just how big a stash that is, with so many patterns that I wanted and still want to stitch, with many of them already kitted with fabric.  I need a clone!  Anyway, I found this Small Sampler #4 by Ewe & Eye & Friends that I think will work very well.  It is now my Thursday piece although I also work on it here at home.  I started it last week, June 13th and it is progressing quickly.  (Isn't it amazing how much progress you can make when you actually do spend some time stitching?  I guess it isn't very realistic that these things will stitch themselves when you aren't looking.  LOL!)

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