Monday, July 15, 2013

My time at Convention

Yes, I am back from Florida and catching up with everything.  I had a great time!  My roommate and I got along well, we spent a lot of time with Shari, our upline, ate and drank (not too much), walked a lot, and learned lots about the new products.  My bundles of goodies have just about all arrived, and almost all of my post convention orders are here or will arrive in the next couple of days.  I have about a mile of the green air bags that came  packed in the boxes for protective cushioning.  Since I don't have a grandchild around for the time being, I have been slowly popping them myself and putting them in with the recyclables. There aren't THAT many left, but there will be more, and more boxes.  Teddy likes both the green bags and the boxes.

We did 4 different projects at convention.  Close to My Heart designed a paper pack and a stamp set especially and exclusively for Convention goers and gave it to us with the instructions for making two 2-page layouts.  I finished mine up at home (I have found I don't work as quickly in a group but do much better on my own) and I even got the Convention pictures printed and adhered.  Even got the journaling (the bane of my scrapping existence) done for one set!  This first layout has a fold out that holds extra photos.

 For the second set, I am waiting on one more Flip-Flap to finish.  As you can see, Flip-Flaps are the greatest thing for adding photos to a layout.  I will have six photos and my journaling piece in the space of one photo.  You can't see all of it because of the missing Flip-Flap.  (That black loopy thing is the strap of my camera, oops!  I am constantly forgetting to put it around my wrist so it doesn't get into the photo!)  That tall-appearing bird is not all that tall.  He is perched on the edge of a boat that just disappeared into the water color-wise. 

I took the remainder of the paper pack and came up with a third double layout.  I don't have photos on it yet but I really like how it came out.  This is as close as I have ever come to using up an entire paper packet.  I have just enough left for two cards, maybe 3, which I have yet to design.  I wonder if I can force myself to do that before I get started on my NEW Workshops on the Go?   Hmm.

There were 3 other projects but they are with product that isn't available to customers yet so I will wait to post these for another time, but it is pretty generally known that we have a new Cricut cartridge (WhooHoo!)  that will be available to order August 1.  There are many different double layouts where everything is pre-planned for you and several different mini-albums included on this cart.  We made an entire mini-album at Convention and since receiving my copy of the cart, I have made one half of a layout as well as some additional cuts that I used for cards.  Soon I will make the other page to go with this one but for now here is a small sample of how this cart works.  You set the size at 11 inches and everything cuts proportionally to fit your 12x12 layout.  

Isn't it fantastic?  Stay tuned for lots more goodies from our new Artbooking Cricut cartridge!


  1. I cannot wait to get this Artbooking cartridge! LOVE what you did here. Your blog is terrific. I am your newest follower. :)

    1. Thank you, Heather, for your kind comment. I will try to not disappoint you.