Monday, July 29, 2013

All gone

I have shown you the three double layouts done with the Convention paper kit called Viva.  I finally sat down and made myself use it all up.  Let me clarify here that only the patterned B&T counts (you get 2 each of 3 double sided designs in a kit.)  Usually you have to ADD more cardstock but any scraps of cardstock left are just put away.  Here are the cards I was able to make.

I see that one picture should have been rotated, you will just have to lean sideways to look at it!  The happy birthday stamp shown in the last picture is from the new Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book and will be available to order on August 1st.  It is one of 8 new "M" sized mini stamps and each one sells for only $2.95.  That wonderful framed font set will also be available in a full "E" sized upper AND lower case alphabet set for just $29.95.  Our new "E" sized sets now come on two 6x6 carrier sheets and fit in the same size storage envelope as most of our other sets.  The mini's come in cute little 3x3 storage envelopes.

I must say it is a very hard thing to use up all of a pack.  Since our double sided B&T is heavy enough to support photos and embellishments, it helped that one set of the Corporate designed layouts used them.  2 sheets out of 6 used right there.  With everything else I made, I only had 3 tiny pieces left that put together may have equaled one square inch.  Normally I save EVERY little piece but I was comfortable throwing these last pieces away since it meant that this paper kit was GONE.  One down and I'm too overwhelmed to count how many are left, and a bit embarrassed, as well.  Sigh.

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