Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The conversation at the last Thursdays stitch got around to scissors, specifically the Gingher Designer scissors, which are issued a couple of times a year and then the handle design is discontinued.  Mostly, they are named with different girl's names.  They come both as sewing shears for cutting fabric and in 4 inch embroidery scissors.   I have been a collector of the 4 inch ones for several years off and on, especially when I could get them at a local JoAnne's, which has long since closed.  I like to keep a pair of embroidery scissors with each project and my WIP's (works-in-progress) are many!  And I have a stash of scissors still in their boxes, besides.  So yesterday I decided I should try to collect them all and photograph them so I knew which ones I have.  I had the empty boxes plus one lid (now that is worrisome!) and the unopened ones.  I was able to find all but one pair, Amanda.  That one has hot pink patterned handles so it can't be very lost!  In total, I have 14 pairs. I have found 14 other pairs that I do not have.  Since the asking price on E Bay for some of these is in the 3 figure range, I probably won't be getting them!  Here are a few pictures.


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